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Cat Cafés Are On The Rise


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • crop up: to appear suddenly (sometimes temporarily)
  • fill a void: to provide a feeling or thing that is missing in one’s life
  • catch on: to become popular
  • double: to have a secondary purpose
  • handle: to touch and/or hold in one’s hands

Cat Cafés Are On The Rise

Cat cafés are cropping up in a variety of cities around the world, filling a void for animal lovers who can’t have pets. The first cat café opened in in 1998. The idea caught on in Japan where many apartment dwellers are not allowed to keep pets. Some cat cafés double as animal rescue and the cats are available for . Owners often charge a for handling the animals. The money is used to feed and care for the pets.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Why are cat cafés becoming popular in cities like Tokyo?
  2. What service do some cat cafés offer besides allowing patrons to pet the cats and order drinks?
  3. Why do some cat cafés owners charge a fee to handle the animals?

Discussion Questions: In addition to cat cafés, Japan also has rabbit cafés. Some animal rights activists feel cats and rabbits are not social creatures and should not be used as “teddy bears”. What are your thoughts about this?

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