Humans Share 99% Of The Same DNA


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • cell: a single functional unit of an organism
  • reproduce: to make another living thing
  • paternity: the state of being one’s natural parent (esp. father)
  • forensic: scientific evidence related to a criminal investigation

Humans Share 99% Of The Same DNA

Did you know that all humans have almost the same DNA? DNA is the genetic information that gets when cells reproduce. It is found in every living organism. More than 99% of your DNA is the same as every other human’s in the world. In recent years, scientists concluded that even humans living on of the earth share almost the same DNA. DNA samples are used for paternity tests, health tests, and forensic tests. The tiny differences in our DNA make a in the courtroom.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What surprising thing about DNA is mentioned in this report?
  2. What did scientists recently discover?
  3. What are DNA samples used for?

Discussion Questions: According to research, a human and a chimpanzee share about 95% of the same DNA sequences. A human and a banana share 50%. How does that make you feel? Can you explain this phenomenon?

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