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Frogs Were Used In Pregnancy Tests

frog pregnancy test

Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • in demand: wanted by many people
  • import: to bring in from another country
  • lab: short for laboratory; a place where scientific experiments and tests are run
  • hormone: a substance that regulates or activates something in the body
  • fungus: fast growing organisms that feed on organic matter

Frogs Were Used In Pregnancy Tests

Between 1930-1950, African clawed frogs were in demand. These frogs were imported all over the world and used in labs for tests. Technicians injected a sample of a woman’s urine into a female frog’s leg. If the frog began producing eggs, the woman’s pregnancy hormone was . When hospitals no longer had any use for the frogs, they were . This resulted in an environmental disaster. African clawed frogs can carry a dangerous fungus. Hundreds of amphibian species have declined because of this fungus.

Comprehension Questions

  1. When were frogs used in pregnancy tests?
  2. How did frog pregnancy tests work?
  3. How did this result in an environmental disaster?

Discussion Questions: What is your personal opinion on animal testing?

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