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The Great Fire Of London Had Few Recorded Casualties


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • casualties: deaths caused by an accident or war
  • devastate: cause major damage
  • death toll: the number of related deaths
  • recognition: the ability to know who someone is

The Great Fire Of London Had Few Recorded Casualties

┬áIn 1666, the Great Fire of London burnt for five days, devastating England’s capital. Thousands of and structures were destroyed, including homes, churches, and halls. The fire started in a bakery, and quickly spread across the narrow streets and closely built wooden structures. The official death toll from the fire was only . Many historians believe that this number did not hundreds or even thousands of low or Londoners who likely burnt beyond recognition. Stone and brick were used to rebuild the city.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Where and when did this historic fire take place?
  2. What major change was made in the reconstruction of London in 1666?
  3. What do some historians believe about the official death toll of the Great Fire of London?

Discussion Questions: After a major accident or disaster, the first question people often ask is, “What’s the death toll?” In terms of record keeping, how have things changed since the 1600s in developed countries such as England?

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