Owls Fly Silently

Why didn’t I hear that owl fly by?


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • turbulence: the movement of air
  • bird of prey: a bird that hunts and eats animals
  • flap: to make an up and down movement
  • sneak up on: to approach someone or something in a secretive way
  • velvety: soft like velvet
  • drawback: a negative aspect

Owls Fly Silently

Most birds when they fly. They create turbulence as their wings touch the air. Owls, , fly silently. These birds of prey have wings and small bodies. They don’t need to flap very much. An owl’s velvety feathers also the silence. The air passes easily through their soft wings without creating a sound. Silent flight allows owls to sneak up on their . Velvety feathers do have one drawback. They aren’t . In a rainstorm, owls have difficulty staying warm and finding food to eat.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What makes owls different from other birds?
  2. Why is it useful for an owl to have soft feathers on its wings?
  3. Why can rain be deadly to owls?

Discussion Questions: What reasons do humans have for studying flight in birds?

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