Peacocks Are Always Male


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • technically speaking: according to the rules or conventions
  • neutral: (gender) neither male nor female
  • strut: to walk around proudly 
  • plumage: feathers
  • pigment: the natural colouring in plants or animals
  • delicacy: an expensive or rare treat to eat
  • polygamous: keeps many mates
  • monogamous: keeps only one mate

Peacocks Are Always Male

The word “peacock” is commonly used to describe male and female birds. Technically speaking, only males are “peacocks”. A female is a “peahen”. The neutral term for these birds is “peafowl”. The male is the with the colourful train. He struts around with his beautiful plumage to attract females. This is where the “proud as a peacock” comes from. The peacock’s feathers appear different colours depending on the  of the light. Have you ever seen a white peacock or peahen? White peafowl are missing a pigment. They are sometimes called albino peacocks. , peacocks are polygamous. They typically keep a harem of about 2-5 females. Wild peafowl like to gather in groups called “parties”. In captivity, peacocks are often monogamous. They can be kept as pets, though the sound they make during mating season is irritating to home dwellers and neighbours.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What mistake do many people make when referring to a peacock?
  2. What is interesting about the colour of a peacock’s feathers?
  3. Why might having a peacock as a pet irritate your neighbours?

Discussion Questions: What irritating things do your neighbours do? What would you do if your neighbour had a pet that annoyed you?

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