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Red is The First Colour A Baby Sees

baby red

Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • differentiate: identify differences
  • fixated: visually attached to something
  • intimidate: scare someone in order to achieve one’s goals
  • opponent: player one is up against
  • luxury: wealthy

Red is The First Colour a Baby Sees

Research that red is the first colour that a baby sees. Does this mean that new parents should wear red to their newborns? Not exactly. Human babies don’t begin to differentiate colours until a few weeks after they are born. The first sign of this may be when a baby is fixated on something red. Studies suggest that humans continue to have a special reaction to the colour red their lives. At a young age, children learn that red is a sign of caution or danger. After all, red is the colour of blood as well as fire. A red light or sign tells you to stop. Some athletes use red to intimidate their opponents. Tiger Woods wears red on the final day of his major golf . Is this because he wants to be fierce or because it’s his lucky colour? Historically, red has been associated with royalty and luck. Red carpets are for celebrities and leaders before important events. Red carpets also line the entranceways to luxury hotels and restaurants. This may help guests feel more special. It may also help them spend more money. According to some studies, the colour red actually makes you hungry.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the reading mainly about?
  2. Why does the reading mention Tiger Woods?
  3. According to the reading, why might a restaurant place a red carpet at its entrance?

Discussion Questions: Humans have learned to associate red ink with failure and mistakes. Should teachers avoid using red ink to mark and comment on students’ work?

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