“Selfie” Is The Word Of The Year


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Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • selfie: a self-portrait taken with a smartphone or webcam
  • forum: a space to have a discussion about a specific topic
  • spike: to increase suddenly by a large amount
  • smartphone: a mobile phone that connects to the Internet and acts like a mini computer

“Selfie” Is The Word Of The Year

Oxford University Press declared “selfie” the for 2013. “Selfie” refers to a self-taken photograph. Selfies are usually taken on a smartphone or . The word was first seen in an online forum in Australia. Usage of the word became in 2012. The word was chosen as Oxford’s Word of the Year because its usage spiked 17,000% in 2013. Social media sites, such as twitter, Instagram, and Flickr helped popularize the word. When taking a selfie, people are advised to their heads up slightly to avoid a double chin. Holding the camera from the face as possible is also advised.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is a selfie?
  2. What announcement did Oxford University Press make?
  3. What photography tips are offered in this report?

Discussion Questions: Language changes so quickly these days that it’s almost pointless for new dictionaries to be printed. Do you think we will soon see the end of traditional publishing when it comes to reference books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias?

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