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Shark Attacks Are Rare

Shark Attack

Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • rare: not common
  • irrational: not reasonable
  • classified: grouped by like qualities
  • provoke: to excite or bother a living thing and cause a reaction
  • initiate: to be the one to start something
  • delicacy: a type of food that is rare and expensive

Shark Attacks Are Rare

Do you swim in the , or are you afraid of sharks? Many humans have a strong fear of sharks. This is an irrational fear, since the chance of being attacked by a shark is extremely low. In a typical year, fewer than 20 people die from a shark attack. There are hundreds of shark species, but only three are typically to blame for attacks involving humans. The tiger shark, the bull shark, and the great white have all and killed humans over the years. Shark attacks are classified as either provoked or unprovoked. A provoked attack is when a human initiates the attack. An unprovoked attack is when a shark initiates an attack. While shark attacks are rare, humans kill an estimated sharks a year. Many sharks are for their fins, and thrown back in the ocean to die. The fins are mainly used for a delicacy known as shark-fin soup, which can cost up to $100 a bowl. Some fins are considered trophies, and can be worth thousands of dollars.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the reading mainly about?
  2. Why does the reading mention bull sharks?
  3. Why should sharks be afraid of humans?

Discussion Questions: What is your greatest fear? Is it a rational or an irrational fear?

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