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Shortbread Means Crumbly Bread


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • crumble: to break apart easily; to break into small bits
  • pastry: flaky baked goods that separate easily
  • shortening: a solid fat, such as butter, used for making crumbly pastry
  • flaky: breaks away easily in long strands (e.g., as a croissant does)
  • last: to exist; to retain its shape or form

Shortbread Means Crumbly Bread

The word short means not long or not tall. The word can describe time, height and distance. Hundreds of years ago, short was also used to refer to crumbly . This is how the word shortbread came about. If you’ve ever baked shortbread, you know that it very well when it’s hot. The crumbling is caused by the high fat content. Shortbread contains a lot of butter or other shortening. The word shortening refers to any type of solid fat used to make or crumbly pastry. Shortbread originated in Scotland, and were traditionally reserved for holidays and special occasions, such as Christmas. Shortbread tastes so good it doesn’t last long in most households.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What does short mean in the word shortbread?
  2. What is shortening?
  3. Where did shortbread originate?

Discussion Questions: What’s your favourite type of baked good? Do you know the origin of your favourite treat?

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