The Birthmark Theory


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • blemish: an imperfection; a small flaw
  • fade: to become less bright
  • reincarnation: the belief that living beings die and then are reborn in a new form
  • spear: a long sharp weapon that punctures the skin

The Birthmark Theory

Birthmarks are blemishes that are present at birth. Most birthmarks are harmless and disappear or fade . Some names for birthmarks are stork bites, port wine stains, and café au lait spots. The true of birthmarks is unknown, but there are many myths and theories about them. Some people reincarnation think that birthmarks are marks of death. According to the birthmark theory, a birthmark indicates where a person was burned, shot, or speared in a past life.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What happens to most birthmarks?
  2. What are some types of birthmarks?
  3. What is The Birthmark Theory?

Discussion Questions: Two parents whose baby had a large birthmark on her legs recently tattooed identical markings on their own legs. Do you think this was a wise decision? Why, or why not?

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