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The Vein Of Love

ring finger

Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • vein: a tube that carries blood to the heart
  • disprove: to find to be scientifically false
  • matrimony: marriage, the state of being married
  • digit: a single finger or toe
  • pinkie: the littlest finger on the hand
  • index finger: the finger beside the thumb, aka the pointer finger
  • engagement: a promise to get married
  • rocky: unstable; full of conflict

The Vein Of Love

Do you know why wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger? Long ago, people believed that a major vein in the fourth finger ran directly to the . As medical science developed, this theory was disproved. However, the ring finger continues to symbolize love and commitment in matrimony. Why is the ring finger sometimes referred to as the “third finger”? Some people don’t include the thumb when they are counting. To clarify, the ring finger is the digit next to the pinkie. The other fingers are called the finger and the index finger. In some countries the ring finger is on the left hand. In others it is on the right. The engagement ring is transferred from the left hand to the right in some wedding . Some women remove their engagement ring after they get married. Others wear it their wedding band. Many couples remove their wedding rings altogether even though they are still married. They may do this due to discomfort or fear of losing the expensive jewellery. In a rocky relationship, the rings may come on and off regularly.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Why was the wedding ring traditionally worn on the fourth finger?
  2. Why do some people call the ring finger the “third finger”?
  3. What reasons are mentioned for removing a wedding ring?

Discussion Question: How do you feel when you see someone without his or her wedding ring? Do you assume that the couple has a rocky relationship or is getting a divorce?

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