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Trailers Used To Come After the Film


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • trailer: a movie preview
  • potential: possible in the future
  • feature film: a full-length film being shown in a movie theatre
  • stick around: to remain in a location
  • stick: to last a long time

Trailers Used To Come After the Film

When you go to a to watch a film, you usually see a few trailers before the film. Trailers are short previews designed to get potential interested in an upcoming film. The word “trail” means to come at the end. When trailers were first used in theatres, they were after the feature film. In other words, they at the end. Many moviegoers did not stick around to watch these trailers, however, so they were moved to the beginning. this change in showing times, the industry word “trailer” stuck, and is still used today.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is a “trailer” in the film industry?
  2. Why was this word “trailer” originally used for these clips?
  3. Why was the timing of trailer showings switched around?

Discussion Questions: When you go to the theatre to watch a film, do you enjoy watching the trailers, or do you wish they would just get on with the show? Do trailers give too much away?

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