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Contraction Blues

Title: Contraction BluesSong
Singer/song writer: Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi


One, two…

You say here is, I say here’s
You say there will, I say there’ll
You say there is, I say there’s
You say that is, I say that’s
You say that will, I say that’ll
You say how is, I say how’s
You say what will, I say what’ll

Yeah, what’ll happen if I change “I” and “you” around?

Here we go.

One, two, three…

I say here is, you say here’s
I say there will, you say there’ll
I say there is, you say there’s
I say that is, you say that’s
I say that will, you say that’ll
I say how is, you say how’s
I say what will, you say what’ll

And together baby, we just sang the Contraction Blues song

Contraction Blues (video with subtitles)

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