Ordinal Numbers Racing Blues

Title: Ordinal Numbers Racing Blues
Singer/song writer: Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi


Well I placed a bet on a horse
and I hoped it would win
I was glued to the television
watching the racing

But it wasn’t 1st (first) or 2nd (second)
3rd (third) or 4th (fourth)
5th (fifth), 6th (sixth)
7th (seventh) of course
8th (eighth)
9th (ninth)
10th (tenth)
11th (eleventh)
12th (twelfth)
13th (thirteenth)
14th (fourteenth)
15th (fifteenth)

or 16th (sixteenth)
17th (seventeenth)
18th (eighteenth)
19th (nineteenth)
20th (twentieth)
21st (twenty-first)
22nd (twenty-second)
23rd (twenty-third)
24th (twenty-fourth)
25th (twenty-fifth)
26th (twenty-sixth)
27th (twenty-seventh)
28th (twenty-eighth)
29th (twenty-ninth)
30th (thirtieth)

Not even 31st (thirty-first)!
Nowhere to be seen

32nd (thirty-second)
33rd (thirty-third)
34th (thirty-fourth)
35th (thirty-fifth)
36th (thirty-sixth)
37th (thirty-seventh)
38th (thirty-eighth)
39th (thirty-ninth)
40th (fortieth)

Uh huh…
I’ll carry on counting

41st (forty-first)
42nd (forty-second)
43rd (forty-third)
44th (forty-fourth)
45th (forty-fifth)
46th (forty-sixth)
47th (forty-seventh)
48th (forty-eighth)
49th (forty-ninth)
50th (fiftieth)
Nowhere to be seen

60th (sixtieth)
70th (seventieth)
80th (eightieth)
90th (ninetieth)
100th (hundredth)
101st (hundred and first)

No, I came in last
152nd (hundred and fifty-second)
What a donkey!

Ordinal Numbers (video with subtitles)

2 Comments on Ordinal Numbers Racing Blues

  1. Editor says:

    Thanks Dennis. You’re right of course! It should indeed be “Not even 31st (thirty-first)!” and has been corrected. Fortunately is was correct in the subtitles for the video version 🙂

  2. Dennis Fluttershy says:

    “Not even 33rd (thirty-third)!
    Nowhere to be seen”

    I’m pretty sure it should be:

    “Not even 31st (thirty-first)!
    Nowhere to be seen”

    He pronounces it a bit awkward,
    but it should be 31st logically.

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