Cancer the Crab

Cancer the CrabBirth date:
22 June – 22 July

The Crab



Ruling planets:

Soul mate:

protective, loving, cautious

moody, sensitive, possessive

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. This zodiac sign is represented by the crab. People born under the Cancer sign have a tough outer shell. They are very protective of themselves and their loved ones. On the inside, Cancers are sensitive creatures who care deeply for their loved ones. You can confide in them with your darkest secrets. Despite their devoted nature, Cancers can be tough to get along with. They are known for having mood swings. Just when you think your friend is ready to go to a party, he curls up behind closed doors with a book. Most of the time, Cancers keep very busy and lead successful lives. They are workaholics who prefer to run rather than walk through life.

possessive (adjective): controlling; feels a sense of ownership of people
protective (adjective): shielding loved ones from harm
sensitive (adjective): having strong emotions and feelings
confide in (verb): to tell someone something private
devoted (adjective): strongly attached to a person or cause
mood swing (noun): a sudden change from one state of mind to another
workaholic (noun): a person who works all of the time

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