Site Of The Month December 2010 ~ Fotobabble

An EnglishClub Site of the Month (December 2010)


If you want to practise speaking online, Fotobabble is an excellent website. Many English learners complain that they don’t know what to talk about. Talking about your family, friends, country and hobbies is a good start. At Fotobabble you can upload a photo and then record your description of it. Then you can share it with your teacher, friends, and family. You can also embed the photo and recording on your MyEC blog and share it with the EnglishClub community. At first it may be difficult to listen to your own voice. In time you will get used to it. It is up to you whether or not to keep your photo and recording private. You can upload it to the Fotobabble gallery so that all users can see it. The gallery is a great place to practise your listening skills and learn new vocabulary. Listen to other people babble about their favourite photos.

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