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Site Of The Month March 2011 ~ PhraseMix

An EnglishClub Site of the Month (March 2011)



This site is for advanced English learners who want to learn new words and expressions that are used “in the real world”, such as “Can I slide past you?” or “It seemed like a no-brainer”. A new phrase is added each day, along with a cartoon, an easy explanation, and a few examples. Phrases are “natural”, “useful”, and “memorable”. If you sat at a dinner table with an English family, you would hear these kinds of phrases. The site is interactive in that learners can leave comments and even compete in competitions. Learners can also post questions in the forum. All of the previous phrases are available in list form. Aaron Knight, the creator of Phrase Mix, also shares tips for memorizing the new phrases. His blog has great ideas for English teachers and high level learners.


Winner EnglishClub Site of the Year 2011

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