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Site Of The Month May 2011 ~ Storynory

An EnglishClub Site of the Month (May 2011)



Storynory is a collection of free audio stories. Every week, since November 2005, Storynory has been publishing a new audio story on its site. You can imagine how big the collection is! These stories are a combination of classics, fairytales, original stories, and adaptations from around the world. You can read along with the text as storyteller Natasha Gostwick reads to you. You can also click on a word if you need a definition. New stories will come to you each week if you subscribe via iTunes or email. There is also a podcast called “Catch Phrase”  for English learners. Each week the host explains a unique word or phrase from one of the audio stories. Recent episodes featured the phrases “wit’s end” and “at any rate”.