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Site Of The Month August 2011 ~ Word Hippo

An EnglishClub Site of the Month (August 2011)

Word Hippo

Word Hippo

Word Hippo is a simple vocabulary resource that can help you when you have a quick question. If you need to find a synonym of a word, simply type it into the field “What’s another word for…”. Looking up a word in this way is similar to checking an online dictionary. If you want the antonym, choose “What’s the opposite of…”. You can also find example sentences that use your word in context. Word Hippo also translates your word into other languages and gives you the plural form.  You can also find other words with the same root. If you need a rhyming word, Word Hippo will find that for you too! Word Hippo will also show you other words that are close to the word you looked up.

Word Hippo

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