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EnglishClub Site Of The Month March 2012 ~ Hungry for English

An EnglishClub Site of the Month (March 2012)

Hungry for English

Hungry for English

Hungry for English is a free ESL Video series on YouTube. The current videos are suitable for beginner English learners, but new videos are being added regularly. The online lessons contain very little text. The main characters, “Joe” and “Jesse,” want learners to pick up the language by hearing it instead of reading it. The Hungry for English team hopes their simple videos will make it unnecessary to translate what you hear into your native language. The actors are playful and silly, and the outtakes remind English learners that language learning can be fun.  Each video teaches a single aspect of language learning, such as colours, body parts, the verb “like” or the verb “have”. Some of the videos offer quick quizzes that you can do to check your understanding.

 Hungry for English

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