Grammar YUNiversity

An EnglishClub Site of the Month (January 2014)

Grammar Yuniversity

The YUNiversity of Righteous Grammar (and other stuff)

The Grammar YUNiversity blog is full of cartoons and graphics for visual learners. It was created by an English major in California who was bothered by the fact that most grammar explanations on the Internet were long and boring. The grammar guru enlisted the help of some of his friends to respond to common grammar questions with entertaining explanations and graphics: “This blog exists so that you can actually have fun learning about grammar and vocabulary while also laughing at charts, photos, and other non-educational stuff.” In addition to reading responses to common grammar questions, you can submit your own questions. Follow @The_YUNiversity on twitter for short responses and tips. You may need an English tutor or friend to help you figure out some of the humour and sarcasm.

Grammar Yuniversity

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