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Get to Know your Cards and Papers in English

Some countries have identity cards (IC). Some countries have identity documents (usually called ID). Other countries accept a driver’s license as identity. If you are travelling to another country, you probably need a passport.

Practise saying these words before you travel to an English speaking country.

1. passport: booklet needed to cross a border
2. driver’s license: card needed to drive a car
3. credit card: card needed to pay or reserve (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
4. Visa: papers needed to work or study
5. airline ticket: paper needed to fly
6. e-ticket: printout of paper needed to fly
7. airport improvement fee/tax: receipt needed to fly
8. parking ticket: receipt to leave your car in a parking lot or space
9. receipt/bill: paper needed to show you paid
10. bankcard (ATM card): card to pay for something from bank account

Tip: Some parking tickets say “display on dashboard”. This means keep the receipt in your car. A parking attendant may look for it through your window.

Here are some questions authorities or ticket agents may ask you:

1. Can I see your passport?
2. Do you have a driver’s license?
3. Do you have any other photo ID? (a second document)
4. Will that be cash or credit card?
6. Do you have a working/study Visa?
7. Do you have an e-ticket?
8. Did you pay your airport improvement fee/tax? (at boarding gate)
9. Do you have a receipt?
10. Are you paying with your bankcard? Do you need an ATM machine?

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