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Move Forward. Ditch the Negativity

This is an article that I wrote about my teaching experience. It’s about moving forward and ditching the negativity.

Are you just floating around or are you creating steps for yourself that will move you forward?

Reality is, you will not always make the best choice in the world. Reality also dictates that time pushes us to act, otherwise, opportunities fly by. You got to take the good with the bad and match them with your plans. This is why you must always have defined goals: because then, you can make your options work for you.

Working on stages and levels, defining certain milestones, keeping your eye on your goal. These all help you visualize the future you want.

No matter how you visualize, however, you need to acknowledge that there are undesirable aspects that can be encountered when you teach.

What are some of the undesirable things that we encounter in teaching?

1. Focusing on one thing or one project too much when suddenly, we hit a wall.

2. Monotonous activity becomes a chore and doesn’t inspire any creativity.

3. We encounter people who always have excuses.

4. Or people who never stopped mulling. They kind of think that their thinking is actually moving them forward.

5. We are expected to always perform for other people.

6. That notion that we must contend with negativity in the office or in the world just to get ahead in life and get the things we want.

How do we move forward?

1. All these negativities will just turn your life to a sad, boring film. Look for people who are active, people who do things, those who get projects done, individuals who have visions, and those who are eager to create a good story out of their lives. Learn from these individuals. Collaborate with them.

2. Finding solutions is better than moping around, harping on problems.

3. If a job doesn’t get done, find another person to do it.

4. Accept that not all people will like you. Similarly, you won’t like everyone you meet. Enjoy the cards that you play and be around the people that make the most sense for you.

5. We are constantly evolving. If you start to encounter feelings that you’re going to stray from your natural inclinations or tendencies, or if you find yourself having a change of heart in the way you want to live, that’s also totally valid and you need to recognize that.

6. Be positive. It will influence other people to be positive usually, or it will certainly lessen the conflicts that you have with people. You can’t really fight fire with fire. It only creates more fire.

7. If you’re looking to become a career teacher, find schools that have the opportunity for some dynamic interesting skill development programs.

8. Step back to see the forest for the trees and not the mud, then things will start to form in your mind. Solutions will start to pour in. Collaborative work can really be influential and invaluable in helping solve some of your most complicated relationship issues.

9. Floating around isn’t a bad deal, either. Some of us are just young wrestlers and we just want to try anything and see where that takes us. Just know that whatever happens along the way is the result of the choices you make.


Life is about zigzagging your way through and it’s never really linear no matter where you are; it’s always just simultaneously trying different things. So, getting used to that is going to be an advantage for you.

The negativity mindset prevents us from self-actualizing and doing the things that we really have been dying to do, but never had the guts to do. It might be the people around us who said it couldn’t be done, or who said that it wasn’t worth doing. Or that it was a waste of time or there were many risks to it. Or you may fear the people themselves because you don’t know what they could do to you and how harmful they could be.

Whatever it may be, life is too short. You want to be in places where you belong. We are all architects, building our own realities and worlds that we want to live in, so we should build with positivity.

Written by Todd Persaud for EnglishClub | September 2018
Todd Squitieri holds a BFA from New School University. He has taught in over five countries and currently resides in DaNang, Vietnam where he is writing a book about his experiences. www.ToddSquitieri.com

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