Native Speaker Myth: Death, Burial and Funeral of a Fallacy

A video about the native speaker myth.

Damn. How does he…

The Native Speaker Fallacy is unwilling to be laid to rest. This fallacy, or myth, wants to live forever. It seduces language learners, it entices school owners, it promises global travel, fun, and adventure. There is something for everyone in this myth. It’s useful to all of us, in one way or another. So we tolerate it, occasionally get indignant about it, but never do we take active steps to kill it, have its wake, dig a grave, have a funeral for the myth, and then, actually bury it. Until now. The voices of a million teachers of English, calling for change. Share this video if you are calling for change and you believe it’s time to bury the Native Speaker MythThomas Jerome Baker


Written by Editor for EnglishClub