5 Best Ways to Write a Great Personal Letter for English Teacher Job Applications

Hollie Carroll
English language skills are possibly one of the most important factors you should pay attention to–if you want this teaching job.

Teachers are the most under-appreciated heroes. Taking the time to develop the future generation and instilling good values in children is what makes you a superhero. If you have just completed your studies or you want to change schools, it’s time to write an incredible cover letter. You can hire a personal letter writer, or you can attempt to do the task yourself. There are many writers out there who understand what it takes to write a winning cover letter. We currently have more teachers than open positions. This makes the competition out there very tough. You need to come prepared and one way to express yourself would be in a personal letter. 

This is your moment to highlight all of the achievements through the years. The reader of your application probably doesn’t know who you are. It is your job to introduce yourself in a positive manner. Don’t be intimidated by the application process. Instead, you want to embrace it. Showcase all of who you are as a person and what you have been doing in preparation for this position. You are unique and you want that to shine through. Also, don’t hide your personality in your letter. Teachers are supposed to be fun, so don’t dull your letter down in the hopes of sounding professional. Being yourself will go a long way. These tips will help you achieve your goal of writing a winning cover letter.

1. Get the format correct

Before you start any official writing, you have to get the right format for the letter. It might seem like an obvious step, but it’s important. A personal introduction letter that is not formatted correctly, could be thrown out. The success of this application might be based on this fact. There are tons of examples online and that is a great place to start. We are visual creatures and it is easier to envision something you already saw. The trick is to look at more than one example. You might notice small differences in the options you see. Use the samples to create your own template. Once you have a template, the rest of the work is just content.

2. Non-classroom-related work

There are some jobs we do that do not happen in the classroom. They might not seem worth mentioning, but they are. A teacher is a well-rounded individual who does a lot. Show the skills you have outside of the job. You want to highlight the work you have been doing that is aligned with being a teacher. This could be anything from volunteering to tutoring some neighborhood kids. There are no limits to this point, but if you can add this section to your letter, it will be an advantage. In recent years we have learned that you need to offer a lot more than you do at work. This is what a lot of major companies are looking for and the same applies to educational institutes. 

3. Become your own manager

You are the client and the manager when writing a personal letter. Let’s say you need to write a reinstatement letter for college and your client is an excelling student. Would you not do your best to highlight everything good about the person? In this case, you are the client and you need to pitch as if your life depends on it. Finding a job is not easy and you should give the application process your absolute best. Writing a stunning letter will be one step closer to being hired. There is nothing wrong with shamelessly promoting yourself in your personal letter.

4. Strong ending

Starting your letter with a compelling statement is important because you are trying to grab the reader’s attention. The way you end your letter is just as important. Your last and closing statement should be powerful enough to be remembered. It is safe to say that your letter probably won’t be the last one that is read. Even when the reader moves on to the next application, your last statement should still be compelling enough to be memorable. The only way this is going to happen is if you actually sit down and plan. Know what is going to be your starting point and how you plan to end the letter. Without a plan, you might find yourself jumping all over the place.

5. Take your time

I deliberately left this point for last because it is important. It’s not rocket science to write a letter, but don’t leave it till the last day before applications close. You might find that you need to confirm certain details, which can cause delay. Starting early and taking your time also allows you to carefully calculate your information. A lot of people underestimate the importance and the time it takes to write a letter when applying for a job. Instead, be the person who takes every aspect of writing this letter seriously. Think about it this way. If you start with your letter as soon as you know what the requirements are, you will be less stressed. With a calm and relaxed mind, you are able to write a compelling cover letter.

Do language skills matter when applying for an English teacher position?
Language skills are possibly one of the most important factors you should pay attention to. Don’t assume that you don’t have to do an editing session. Spelling and grammar mistakes are not going to go over very well if you want to be an English teacher. The board will be paying attention to these details. You already have the skills to write a compelling personal letter. All you have to do now is list your achievements and work them into an engagement letter. The only other step is to take your time. If you want this job badly enough, you will put in the work it takes to write the best personal letter you’ve ever written.

Written by Hollie Carroll for EnglishClub
Hollie Carroll is an active guest post writer and she works as a personal letter writer.


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