Writing Prompt ~ Abbreviations

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: An abbreviation is a short form of a word or phrase. There are many types of abbreviations in English. Learn the four main types of abbreviations here. Then write a chat transcript between a parent and teenager. Try to use all four different types of abbreviations in your transcript.


Jackie: Did you call Dr. Jones?
Dad: I didn’t. I’ll do it ASAP.
Jackie: You said that last Fri. BTW – did you RSVP to Mel’s wedding?
Dad: No, I’m sorry. I’m not sure I’ll have time to fly to NYC this summer.
Jackie: Ever since you accepted that VP job you haven’t had time for anything.
Dad: I know, kid. I’m just so busy. Her wedding is in Aug., right?
Jackie: Sept.
Dad: I might be able to get away. Comdr. Jacobs will be back by then.
Jackie: Where’s he now?
Dad: He’s doing a special project for NASA. It’s top secret.
Jackie: Interesting. FYI – mom asked how you were doing.
Dad: OMG. I didn’t know she cared.

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