Writing Prompt ~ A Piece of Advice

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The word “advice” is a very common word in spoken and written English. We always want to give each other advice. In English, this word is uncountable. You can offer “tips” (plural), but you can’t offer “advices”. You can offer advice, some advice, a piece of advice or even a word of advice. This is difficult for many English learners to remember. Here is a trick. Remember “advice” is like “ice”. It’s uncountable! Practice using the word “advice” by writing a letter to a friend. Offer advice about love, money, or education. Use the word “advice” as many times as you can.


Dear Juan,
You asked for my advice about Ella. As you know, I have a lot of experience with girls! My advice is, take things slowly. Get to know Ella before you tell her you want to marry her! My father gave me this advice because it worked with my mother. I always ask my dad for advice when it comes to love because he has been happily married for 35 years. His best piece of advice was about flowers. You don’t have to buy a dozen roses for Ella on a special day. Buy her a single rose, or a few tulips, once in a while – for no reason at all. If that sounds like expensive advice, it’s not! Flowers are much cheaper when it’s not Valentine’s Day. Do you need some more advice? Okay, here’s one last word of advice. Be yourself!
Your friend, Lou

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