Writing Prompt ~ Almost Vs Almost All

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The word “almost” means “nearly”. I have almost finished my homework. Whenever you are going to use the word “almost” try substituting “nearly”. Does your sentence make sense? If not, maybe you need the quantifier “almost all”. Think of “almost all” as being equal to 99% (nearly all). Now does the substitution work? Almost Almost all of the snow is gone. The words “most” and “almost all” are very similar. Think of “most” as slightly less than “almost all”. Almost Most kids love sweets. The important thing to remember here is that “almost” (without “all”) means “nearly”. Review the differences between “most”, “almost”, and “almost all”. Then demonstrate your understanding by writing a letter to a friend about a very busy day you had.


Dear Lucy,
I have almost finished my Christmas shopping. I almost forgot to buy a gift for my husband. Most of the people on my list are easy to buy for. My husband and my dad are not easy to buy for. Most of the things on their lists are too expensive. Almost all of the items (except socks and underwear) are things they don’t need! I almost bought my husband a new TV, but I changed my mind. Almost all of the stores are having sales on Boxing Day, so I will buy one then. Shopping isn’t the only thing I need to do! I also need to bake, clean, and host a big party. Most of our friends are coming to our Christmas Eve party. Almost all of them will bring their own alcohol. I almost forgot to invite my own sister to the party! What a busy week. I hope you are well!
Happy Holidays,

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