Writing Prompts ~ Apostrophes

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Apostrophes are small punctuation marks that can cause big problems for writers. Native English speakers make a lot of mistakes with apostrophes. Sometimes they know the rules, but forget to apply them. Sometimes they don’t know the rules and make errors just as English learners do. If you look carefully, you’ll find lots of apostrophe errors and mistakes on English signs and in grocery store flyers. Review the different uses of apostrophes. Then write a note to a roommate or family member with reminders about what to buy from the grocery store for a special occasion. Try to use an apostrophe in every sentence. Use possessive and contracted forms.

Hey Mike

It’s Thanksgiving weekend! I hope you’ll have time to get to Henry’s grocery store. I’d like to get the shopping done before Friday’s soccer match. I don’t want to miss it. I’ve been to Henry’s once before and it has great deals on Thursdays. Don’t forget to pick up onions, mushrooms, apples and bread crumbs (for Chris’s stuffing). The turkey’s thawing in the fridge already, so let’s not bother getting any other meat. Do you know who’s coming from your family? We’ll have to pick up juice boxes if your sister’s kids are coming. All of my brothers’ kids are coming, but they’d probably prefer pop. By the way, whose cookie recipe do you like best, my mom’s recipe or your mom’s? I’ll whip up some cookies for dessert.


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