Writing Prompt ~ Believe Vs. Belief

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The word believe is a state or stative verb. These kinds of verbs express states rather than actions. Stative verbs aren’t normally used in the continuous tense (though sometimes it is possible). English learners often confuse the verb believe with the similar sounding noun belief. Demonstrate your understanding of the stative verb believe and the noun belief by writing a letter to a friend about about something you heard that you don’t believe.


Dear Maxwell,

I heard from Erica that you are moving to Mexico. I can’t believe this! You wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye, would you? I guess I shouldn’t believe everything I hear from Erica. She likes to make things up. One time she told me that she won the lottery and I believed her. Another time she told me her grandmother died. I can’t believe I gave her one-hundred dollars to help pay for her grandmother’s funeral. She has some odd beliefs too. She believes that birthmarks are war wounds from another life. You know what my beliefs are, right? I believe that our bodies die but our souls live forever. I was raised with those beliefs. Well, I don’t know how I got off track so easily. Anyhow, I believe you owe me an apology and a farewell if you are moving! If you aren’t moving, I’ll be relieved beyond belief.

Call me soon,


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