Writing Prompt ~ Breathe Vs. Breath

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The words “breathe” and “breath” are commonly confused in writing. The word “breathe” is a verb and is pronounced with a “long e” vowel sound: /bri:ð/. It’s hard to breathe in here. It is sometimes used as a phrasal verb: “breathe in” (take a deep breath) or “breathe something in” (take a breath of something, such as smoke or perfume). The word “breath” is a noun and has a “short e” vowel sound: /breθ/. Take a deep breath. Review the pronunciation of /i:/ and /e/. Then review how to use the phrasal verb “breathe in”. Demonstrate your understanding of these words by pretending to be a yoga instructor. Offer some advice to a friend who is feeling stressed out.

Hi Marko,

Your brother mentioned that you are feeling stressed out. Are you paying attention to your breath? People often stop breathing properly when they are feeling tense or anxious. I want you to try something. When you wake up in the morning, take three deep breaths. After you breathe in and out three times, go outside. (Don’t forget to breathe out through your nose.) Once you are outside, breathe in some fresh sea air. Take three more long breaths. Then, think of some things that you are thankful for. Throughout the day, pay attention to your breathing. If you’re interested in taking one of my yoga classes, call me. We focus on breathing as well as posture and stretching.

PS – Chewing gum may also help. And it will keep your breath fresh, too!

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