Writing Prompt ~ Bring/Take

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Many people confuse the verbs “bring” and “take”. The word “bring” is used for movement towards the speaker. Grandpa says: “Bring me the newspaper.” The verb “take” is used for movement away from the speaker. Mom says: “Take the newspaper to Grandpa.” Review the rules for bring and take here. Then write a short dialogue between you and a friend. Your friend is having a party. Use a few examples of “bring” and “take” in the dialogue. Keep the perspective of the speaker in mind when you choose between “bring” and “take”.


Jane: Hi, Ella. It’s Jane. You’re coming to the party tonight, right?
Me: Right. What can I bring?
Jane: Bring your puppy!
Me: I can’t. I have to take my puppy to the vet. She’s staying there overnight.
Jane: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Have you taken her there before?
Me: Yes. I took her to the vet last week.
Jane: Can you bring me a picture of her?
Me: I thought I brought one last time I visited you?
Jane: No, you didn’t.
Me: Okay. I’ll snap a photo on my phone when I take her out for a walk this afternoon.
Jane: Okay. Why don’t you bring some of your famous chocolate chip cookies?
Me: Okay. I’ll do that. I’ll take some to my grandma on the way, too.
Jane: Good idea. You can bring your grandma to the party if you want.
Me: Very funny.


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