Writing Prompt ~ Can/Could

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Both “can” and “could” are used to talk about abilities. They are also used to make requests. Learn the rules about using “can” and “could” for abilities and requests. Then write a letter to your parent(s) describing the abilities of your new puppy or kitten! Be sure to use “can” and “could” in a few different ways. Use can/could to ask your parent to do you a pet-related favour.


Dear Mom,
I didn’t realize how much work it is to have a puppy! Wrinkles is four months old now. She can run and play for about 12 hours a day! These days she can go for a walk without attacking people’s feet. She can also chew a hole right through a running shoe! When she was eight weeks old, she could stay in her crate for about half an hour when we went out. Now, we can leave her home alone for a few hours before she needs to go outside. In the crate, Wrinkles can play with her toys and watch TV. Don’t laugh! We leave the TV on for her for company. Can you remember what Scruffy was like at this age? Could she fetch a ball? Could she shake a paw? I can’t remember. I have a favour to ask you and Dad. Could you puppy sit for us next weekend? We want to go camping. Wrinkles can’t come because the vet says she can’t go swimming in the lake until she’s a few weeks older. If you can puppy sit, call me!
Talk to you soon,

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