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Writing Prompt ~ Collocations with Save

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: When English words are used together often, they are called collocations. Many English phrases start with the verb save; for example, save money, save time, and save energy. Review a list of collocations with save. Then imagine you are a landlord with new tenants. Write a letter to your new tenants using these collocations (and any additional ones you can find with save).

Subject: Your New Apartment

Hi Rick and Rachel,

I hope you got your keys. Next time you need to reach me, you can save yourselves the trouble of calling. Just text me! I return texts more quickly than voice messages.

I noticed that you moved by yourselves. You should save your backs and use a moving company. I hurt myself badly by moving a fridge last year. But, you are probably just trying to save money. (I know that feeling. I’m saving for a new motorcycle.) The electricity bills are quite high here. You can save energy by putting your heating and air conditioning on a timer.

I guess I should save something to say when I meet you in person on Monday. Please use your garage that morning, and save me a parking space in your driveway. It’s tough to find parking around your place.

See you Monday.


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