Writing Prompt ~ Collocations with Get

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: In English, there are some words that are often found together. These words are called collocations. Get engaged, get married, get divorced, and get back together are a few examples of collocations with get. Use these collocations (or find some additional collocations with get) to write a question and answer letter from a gossip column.


Dear Ms. Marriage,My boyfriend and I got together five years ago. I think it’s time for us to get engaged. My boyfriend doesn’t want to get married before he’s thirty. He says couples who get married in their twenties are more likely to get divorced. Is this true, or does my boyfriend need to get real?

Desperate to Marry

Dear Desperate,

It seems you are really excited about getting married. You won’t be as excited when it comes to getting divorced. It doesn’t matter how long ago you got together. What matters is how well you get along. Have you tried living together? You might get a shock when you realize how hard it is to get along in a shared space. It sounds like your boyfriend is not ready to get married. Maybe he wants to get to know you better. You could try taking a relationship break. If you both feel that you want to get back together, then you can think about getting old together.

Best of luck to both of you,
Ms. Marriage

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