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Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The points of the compass are North, South, East and West. These words can act as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs. Sometimes you have to combine these words: I live north-east of the city. Review the usage of the compass points here. Then demonstrate your understanding of how to use these words. Write a letter to a friend who is visiting your country for the first time. Use the points of a compass as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs.


Hi Javier,
Welcome to North America. I guess this is your first time being this far north. You will discover quickly that it is much colder in the north. On the other hand, Toronto isn’t the North Pole! Some people who live in the south think that all of Canada is like the Northwest Territories. That is not true. Most Canadians live just a little bit north of the US.

It’s fairly mild here at this time of year. I don’t live right downtown. I live north-east of the city in a place called North York. Don’t worry. My apartment faces south, so I get a lot of sun.

I look forward to your visit. My address is 22 Aldridge Road South. You’ll see a parking lot on the south-west corner of Aldridge. You can park there.

See you soon!


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