Writing Prompt ~ Do or Make?

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Do you find it difficult to choose between “do” and “make” when you are writing or speaking? At times, these verbs can be quite similar in meaning, which is why they cause confusion. You need to become familiar with a lot of English expressions to know which one to choose. In general, “make” is used for the creation or building of something (Make your bed.), while “do” (as a main verb) is for a more general activity (Do your homework.). Study the differences between these two verbs. Then take the do or make quiz to check your understanding. Finally, demonstrate your understanding of the differences by writing a letter to a long lost friend. Tell your friend what you have been up to this year. Use many examples of do and make, including some of these common expressions.


Dear Leah,
How are you? Long time no see! You are probably wondering what I have been doing lately? No, I haven’t been making a lot of money. Unfortunately, I’ve made some big mistakes this year. I have been doing business with some dishonest clients! You might think that I am making excuses, but I assure you that is not the case. I always do my research first before I take on a new client. Anyway, enough about me. What have you been doing? Can you do me a favour? Please make some time to come and visit. You could just come for a week! Just let me know a few weeks ahead of time, so that I can do some shopping. I’ll make some of your favourite meals, and it will be just like old times.
Hope to see you soon!

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