Writing Prompt ~ Double Letters

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The words bookkeeper and bookkeeping are the only unhyphenated English words with three consecutive double letters. Words with double letters can be difficult to spell. Writers often misspell words by leaving out a letter or adding in an extra letter when one is not required. While there are a few spelling rules to learn, knowing whether to double a letter or not is often a matter of memorizing. Write down ten words with double letters that you often spell incorrectly. Use these stubborn words in a paragraph about a terrible day.

A Terrible Day
I am supposed to take possession of my new condo tomorrow. I’ve had a really good year of work, and I wanted to congratulate myself for my success by buying my first home. Now I’m afraid that I’ve made a terrible mistake! I was at the mall on my lunch hour yesterday, searching for a new vacuum. I lost track of time and my boss caught me shopping when I should have been at the office. I was so embarrassed. Occasionally I go to the mall on my lunch hour, but I have never lost track of time like that. I wanted to disappear. I went back to work, but my boss fired me on the spot. She said she was very disappointed in me. Right now I want to drown my sorrows in a big plate of dessert, but all of my plates are packed. Actually, a plate won’t be necessary. I’ll just eat the whole cake!

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