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Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The determiners “each” and “every” are sometimes interchangeable. Other times one must be used instead of the other. Occasionally, they are both used in one sentence for emphasis: “Each and every child must be accounted for before the bus leaves.” Review the different uses of each and every. Then write a set of instructions for parents sending their kids to summer camp. Use many different examples of “each” and “every”.


Summer Camp Rules
Every year at least one camper forgets an important rule at summer camp. Every rule has a purpose. Please read each rule carefully with your son or daughter.

1. Every camper has feelings that can be hurt. Treat each camper how you want to be treated.
2. Every camper must pack before and after camp. Parents can help, but must not do the packing.
3. The campers will each receive a lock to borrow. The cost of replacement is $10.
4. There is an opportunity for campers to call home every evening. Each camper can make a maximum of three calls, unless there is an emergency.
5. There is a mandatory meeting for campers and counsellors every morning at 8am.
6. Each and every camper must take a swim test.
7. Each of the counsellors is responsible for up to five campers. Every concern must be reported to the assigned counsellor.

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