Writing Prompt ~ Forgetting Articles

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Native English speakers use articles (a, an, the) naturally. In some other languages, articles are not used. Occasionally, English language learners insert an article where one is not necessary. Other times they use a definite article (the) instead of an indefinite article (a, an). More commonly, language learners omit an article (or other determiner) when one is necessary before a singular, countable noun. There are some cases when determiners aren’t necessary. For example, you don’t use an indefinite article before plural nouns. You also don’t use an article before a proper noun. You will learn many exceptions related to articles and determiners during your language journey. Review the basic use of articles a, an, and the. Then demonstrate your understanding by writing a short story about an animal in your neighbourhood. Try not to forget any necessary articles. (Notice in the story below that the first reference to the “bunny” is preceded by “a”. Subsequent uses require “the”.)


The Bunny
There is a bunny living under my house. The bunny is a nuisance. It eats my flowers and digs up the soil in my flowerbeds. I get a headache every time I see the bunny. I have a neighbour who isn’t helping matters. She feeds the bunny lettuce and seeds in her backyard. She took a picture of the bunny munching on a flower in her garden. She thinks the bunny is cute. My neighbour has a boy and a girl just like I do. Her kids are younger than mine. They love the bunny. My kids understand that I work hard on my garden. They know that I want the bunny to go find a different place to live. My kids help me chase the bunny away. I guess you could say we’re at war with the bunny. I hope the battle is over soon.

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