Writing Prompt ~ Good or Well?

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The irregular adjectives “good” and “well” are similar in meaning. The word “good” often comes in front of a noun to express something positive: I’m reading a good book. As an adjective, the word “well” typically refers to health: My mother isn’t well. The word “good” can come after a linking verb, such as “sound”, “look”, or “is” to describe a feeling or sense: The cookies smell good OR He looks good tonight. The word “well” is also used as an adverb of manner: He swam well today. The most common mistake with “good” and “well” is when people try to use “good” to modify an action verb: The band played good well. My child sings good well. Review the links above. Then demonstrate your understanding of the different uses of “good” and “well” by writing a note to a friend about how your family is doing.

A Letter

Hi Ellen,
Thanks for your note. I’m glad your family is doing well. My mom isn’t well. She has a bad back. According to the doctor, the prognosis is not good. She will need to be on medication for a while. She is coping well, though. We had a good time at my parents’ anniversary party. All of the grandchildren came to the party. Olive is riding her bike very well. Even though little Eric is only three, he is a good bike rider, too. Molly is ten now. She writes very well for her age. She gets good marks, and behaves well in the classroom.
Well, I hope you have a good day!

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