Writing Prompt ~ Holiday Capitalization

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Teachers often ask students to write about holidays. Bloggers often choose this topic, too. Holidays like Christmas and New Year’s are capitalized. December 26 is Boxing Day and January 1 is New Year’s Day. The word Day is capitalized in these words because it is part of the holiday name. We also capitalize the night before New Year’s and Christmas: New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve. When you say or write New Year’s without Day or Eve, you are simply shortening the holiday name. You do not need to capitalize the words “new year” unless you are referring to something related to the holiday itself: Are you taking a vacation in the new year? You should come to my New Year’s party. Demonstrate your understanding about capitalization of holidays by writing a letter to a friend that contains holiday greetings.

Hi Nick,
I’m finally sending Christmas cards! I know it’s a bit late. I hope you get this note before New Year’s. What are you doing on New Year’s Eve this year? I’m staying home this year. I want to think about my goals for the new year. I do have plans for Boxing Day, though. I’m going to buy a new stationary bike. In the new year I plan to workout more. It’s difficult to exercise in the winter. From Christmas until Easter there is usually snow on the ground around here. Do you get Christmas holidays this year? I hope you get a few days off work. I get Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day off this year. I really need the holiday!
Happy New Year!

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