Writing Prompt ~ House Vs. Home

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: English learners often confuse the words “house” and “home”. Even though these words are related, they actually have quite different meanings. Review the differences between “house” and “home”. Then write a postcard to a friend describing your new home. This home can be fictional or real.


Dear Lindsay,

We’ve just moved into our new house, and I thought I should send you our address. This is the biggest home I’ve ever had. I guess that makes sense because we’ve only lived in townhouses or apartments before now. Our closest neighbour is about 50 metres away. It’s nice to have some space to ourselves. Our new house feels like a home already. I get a bit lonely when nobody is home, though. I can’t just step outside my home and chat with a neighbour like I used to. Then again, I’ll never have to bang on the walls of this house to tell my neighbours to quiet down. I think I’m going to like having a house. It will be nice to be a home owner, too. We’ve always rented before! I’m excited that I’ll be able to plant a garden out front of the house. Oh, it sounds like the kids just got home.

Come and visit soon,

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