Writing Prompt ~ -ible or -able?

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The suffixes -ible and -able are both used to make adjectives. Many of these words are somehow related to the words capable or suitable. The pronunciation of these endings is similar, which makes it difficult to know how to spell words with these suffixes. Learn the origin and a useful rule of thumb for spelling -ible /-able words. Then write a description of a horrible experience that you had while travelling. Use as many words with -ible and -able that you can! Your experience can be fact or fiction.

A Horrible Experience

I had a horrible experience while backpacking last summer. First, I went to a pizza place that was a real dump. I was so hungry that I started eating a slice from the display counter. I held my money out to pay, and a clerk saw me and laughed. She said, “Those slices are just for show. They aren’t edible.” Her voice was barely audible, and by the time I realized what she said, my slice was almost gone. I had a terrible stomachache that night. It would have been sensible for me to go to the doctor, but I figured the damage was irreversible. I was very uncomfortable all through the night. Fortunately, I had a reusable water bottle with me. After drinking three bottles, I noticed a sign that was practically illegible. I think it said the water wasn’t drinkable! If there was a problem with the water, it wasn’t visible. But, still, I was sure the sign was credible. It would be insensible to have a sign that said not to drink the water if it was consumable. After two days of feeling terrible, I finally left the hotel. I didn’t die, so I must be invincible.

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