Writing Prompt ~ Indefinite Articles Before Adjectives

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Many English learners understand when to use definite (the) or indefinite (a/an) articles before a noun. When an article and noun are separated by an adjective, however, some learners forget to include the article: I bought new coat. (incorrect) I bought a new coat. (correct) This becomes more confusing when learners have to think about whether to use a/an before the modified noun. When choosing between a/an, look at the word directly after the article. It may be an adjective rather than a noun. If the word directly after the article starts with a vowel sound, use “an”: I bought an awesome coat. If not, use “a”: I bought a cute umbrella. Review the rules about when to use a/an. Then write a description of something amazing that you witnessed or viewed. Include many examples of indefinite article / adjective / noun.

An Inspiring Event

My son and I went to an unbelievable event last night. An inspiring group of students were showcasing their social science projects. I thought it was going to be a boring night for my son, but I was wrong! The kids had researched an impressive variety of topics, from clones and drones to the effects of the automobile. There was even a fantastic presentation about the controversial pipelines in our country. My son had an awesome time learning about chocolate. The student who researched chocolate handed out a delicious prize to each attendee who answered a difficult question correctly. I didn’t know my daughter went to school with such a talented group of kids.

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