Writing Prompts ~ Irregular Verbs

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Irregular verbs are tricky to learn because the past simple and past participle form do not follow the usual -ed ending. It’s necessary to memorize and practise the most common irregular verb endings because they are used quite often in English. Review this reference chart and list of irregular verbs. Then practise using them by writing about a dream you had. Your dream doesn’t have to be real. Use as many irregular verbs as you can.

Last night I dreamt that I bent my fingers back all the way until they were broken. Just before that, I had hurt my back (I fell off a horse). I think I spent the whole night tossing and turning from these bad dreams. Later I dreamt that my sister shut the car door on my hand. When I saw that she was about to do it, I tore my coat off and my other hand got stuck, too. Instead of helping me, my sister sang the national anthem. After she had sung the whole thing, she lent me a hand and opened the car door. When I woke up (I awoke in a terrible sweat), I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what the dream meant.

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