Writing Prompt ~ May be or Maybe

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: In written English, you need to be careful when you choose between “maybe” and “may be”. The word “maybe” is an adverb. You can substitute it with the word “perhaps”. Maybe he’s right. In conversational English, it is often used as a one word response: A: Are you going to the party? B: Maybe. Do you see how it can be substituted with “perhaps”? The words “may be” are used as a verb phrase to show possibility: He may be right. Demonstrate your understanding by writing a note to a family member explaining that you may be late coming home today.


I may be late today. I’m going shopping with Liz. Don’t wait for me for dinner. I may be able to call you, but I can’t say for sure. I asked Liz if she’d have her phone with her, and she said “maybe”. Do you want to go shopping tomorrow? Maybe we can buy my prom dress if I find any nice ones today. I may be working, but I don’t think so. If you can’t go, maybe I’ll ask Dad.

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