Writing Prompt ~ Most OR Most of

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The words “most” and “most of” can be difficult to choose from. The word “most” (without “of”) is used in reference to a fairly general group (most people, most Canadians, most grade three teachers). When used with “of” it refers to a very specific group (most of my friends, most of the Canadians who voted, most of the teachers at this school). Review “most” vs “most of” using this resource page. Then write a description about the people in your neighbourhood. Use “most” and “most of”.


My Neighbourhood
Most of the people in my neighbourhood are middle-class citizens. Most middle-income families these days have two incomes. That seems to be the case in my neighbourhood, anyhow. Most of the moms that I know seem to go back to work after about a year with a new baby. This isn’t the case in other parts of the world. I’ve heard that most American moms have to go back to work soon after they have a baby. Most of my female friends work, and most of the kids on our street go to public schools. In fact, most Canadians use the public school system, because it’s very good. Most Canadian teachers are hardworking and dedicated. As for cars, most of the families here have two cars. Most of the cars are new or slightly used. I think my neighbourhood is a lot like most of the middle-class neighbourhoods in my district.

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