Writing Prompt ~ Nosy Neighbour

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Write a paragraph about your neighbours. Use adverbs of frequency to describe their everyday routines.


My neighbours are almost always home. They sometimes go out on the weekends. They never have friends over. The kids usually watch TV with their mom. Occasionally they go to the movies. The father rarely plays with his children. My neighbours seldom say hello.

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One Comment on Writing Prompt ~ Nosy Neighbour

  1. Ojas Phansekar says:

    Neighbour is the person who is as close to you as any other family members. He/she has a look at all the activities you perform over the entire day. For example, when you leave house in the morning , when you come back, what you do after you come at your house, what plans you make on weekend, when you have food , what time you sleep, etc.By knowing all these things about you, he or she makes sure that they act as a watchman, as a caretaker or may be cruel eyes to look out for on you. But in a way they help you and sometimes help you get out of any difficult conditions. Please take a note that when you do not have your relatives around you to safe you from particular problem, then these neighbours play an important part in your life by acting as real relatives. So, we need to respect our neighbours, whether or not they are good or bad.

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